Position Absolute Across Screen Resolutions

I am working on a wordpress site here at this address, http://aldrichdesign.com/new_site/ and I am trying to figure out how to fix the menu so that it stays in place across different screen resolutions.

On my macbook 13" at 1280 x 800 Firefox and Safari the menu fits perfectly where I want it. On my 27" iMac at work in the same browsers, it shifts a bit under my header.

Can someone explain to me how absolute works and how I can get this to sit right where I want it on every screen.

Basically setting position as absolute will effectively take the element out of the box model and position it wherever you want using the top, left etc rules

Said rules will be in relation to the nearest non-statically positioned element

So, to fixed it I moved the navigation inside the header, made the ul absolutely positioned, and moved it left 10px - although there might be neater solutions (I’ve not checked)

Thanks Claire

When you say. Inside the header, do you mean under it or in the include?

I mean directly after the header div - which yes I think might be in another file

Thanks again Clairs, That seemed to do it. I just have to check it on other resolutions to see how this works out.