How should I arrange my portfolio online?

I’ve never made a portfolio before and google isn’t turning up anything great.

I’d like to list my experience/education/hobbies etc (what ALL goes into a portfolio?) along with showing my websites that I’ve made.

This article should start you out on the right track: 10 Steps to The Perfect Portfolio Website - SmashingMagazine.

Thanks, I’ve started gridding out the framework for my portfolio page. Thanks TheRaptor :slight_smile:

Sounds good! You’ll have to post it over here when your finished: Website Design and Critiques so we can take a look and offer advice if needed. :slight_smile:

I plan on doing another thread there (I have one there currently) when I’m done putting the portfolio up, and getting my base “blog” up.

Also it will be after I impliment some suggestions given in that thread (such as darkening the orange text)…and then cleaning up my code some (for usability, etc) :slight_smile: