Popup width shows scroll in IE and Chorme

hey folks, i been over to CSS forums and i was redirected here as it was a JS problem. i have created a page when i click suppose say “priority” the popup comes up. now in FF, its fine but in IE, Chorme, it has scrolls, and the width and size of viewpoint of border aren’t same. what is causing this? how to fix it.
thanks in advance!

OK, so inspecting your code I saw that the window.open that you call has scrollbars turned off. I’m not really sure why this is happening, but I can offer 2 alternatives to work around this problem:
– In the CSS of the page you are loading, set the body height and width to 100% and overflow to hidden. This should kill the scrollbars.
– Open your content in an iframe that you style (lightbox style) to look like a popup. Iframes are a lot easier to style the way you want than actual popup windows.