Populating sql data to html table properly

I have a sql data that i want to populate to my html table,here is how it looks like in the database:

Test Data1:

This is test data1

Test Data2:

This is test data2

Test Data3:

This is test data3

This is test data3.1

This is test data3.2

The sample above is how i would want it to be populated to my html table same as how it is formatted in my database but here is how its populated when i do the query,

Test Data1:This is test data1

Test Data2:This is test data2

Test Data3:This is test data3 This is test data3.1 This is test data3.2

Here is a sample picture of the result. This is basically how i want it to show up except for the values going in on a single line.

Here is my code:

$sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM test WHERE UPPER($field) LIKE UPPER('%$find%')");
echo "<table width='auto' cellpadding='1px' cellspacing='0px' border=1 align='center'>
<th align='center'><strong>Test</strong></th>
<th align='center'><strong>Test Data</strong></th>
while($result = mysql_fetch_array($sql))
echo "<form action='test.php' method='post'>";

echo  "<td align='center' width='auto'>" . $result['test'] . "<input type=hidden name=test value=" . $result['test'] . "' /> </td>";
"<td align='left' width='500'>" . $result['test1'] . "<input type=hidden name=test1 value=" . $result['test1'] . " size='15' maxlength='15' .
" . $result['test2'] . "<input type=hidden name=test2 value=" . $result['test2'] . " size='15' maxlength='15'
" . $result['test3'] . "<input type=hidden name=test3 value=" . $result['test3'] . " size='15' maxlength='15' /> </td>";

echo "</form>";

echo "</table>";

I need help in populating the data same as how it looks like in database, i tried to play around with my code but just doesn’t work…