Populate form based on common entries


I have a form where employees enter vehicle information which is then added to the database and displayed on the site. The form is obviously extensive including many fields where the employee can enter details about the vehicle.

I want to implement a “common entry” system to increase efficiency for filling out the form. The employee would be able to choose a common entry (almost like a template) and the script would populate the form according to that common entry.

For example:

If the dealer gets 10 new Dodge Charger’s in stock, the employee could open the form to add units and select “2011 Dodge Charger” as a common entry. The rest of the form would auto-populate based on the standard features of that vehicle rather than having to go down the form and enter every field manually 10 times.

My idea is to just create another table with the fields entered as they should be, grab that data and fill out the form accordingly.

I would like to implement AJAX (which I have working with a little) to make it more user friendly.

Anybody know a easier way to do this or at least a tutorial which I could refer to for the AJAX part of it?


Using PHP5 and MySQL…

Do the users of the system share a common browser and version?

If so, you could investigate using local storage to keep this pre-loaded data on the client, I have not used this yet, but your case seems like a good candidate.