Popularity of Fixed Backgrounds?

I was just wondering why there isn’t more popularity for fixed-positioning backgrounds? It seems like an easy fix to have a set image as your background. That way, designers and developers don’t have to worry about such headaches as background-repeat.

This way, it’s easier to have a photograph as your background.

I realize that it’s not good web practice, but why don’t more people (especially inexperienced/untalented web designers) use it as a quick fix?


position: fixed wasn’t supported in IE for a long time, so that might be part of the reason for its slow takeup. But to me it’s generally an ugly option anyhow. I hate to see content rolling over a fixed background image. It always looks tacky to me and makes text hard to read.

I originally saw it in a book and then saw it used (I thought) effectively on Sparknotes.com…it’s certainly good for advertising.

I find it annoying, however, when it’s linked to the advertisement.