Poor image reproduction when img is added as media to post

Hello all.
On this page:


i have added the same image for comparison twice.
if i added it as “featured image” it looks great. when i add the same identical image in the post iteself it looks like crap.
How can i go about fixing this? anyone run into this?

If you highlight the image, copy the address and visit the image directly you will see it is a small image. The size is being increased by the code which is your problem.

I suppose it depends how your Wordpress? code works; it might use a thumbnail for the image in the post. You will need to check out the settings and see what is happening.

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well d’ho!
Forgot i am using underscores and have not set up the thumbnails yet! drrr. Normally i used the child themes.
Thank you for mentioning that! didn’t even think of looking up the path for the image. will remember that trick in the future.

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