Poll: What PHP framework are you using?

I am currently conducting research for my final year project I would be grateful if you filled out a 1 question in the link below.
It will only take 5 seconds to complete!


Thanks in advance!

I’ve answered on the survey.

I believe that every developer should try out as many frameworks as they can. Though for actual development, I use my own simply because my style of programming is not suited to any particular framework but rather a mixture of ideas.

Thanks Jake, I finally figured out how to post instant results so you can see the results now. The survey is still going as its only been about 12 hours since I first started it so please keep contributing!

I wanted to enter ‘other’, but there’s no radio button to select that option.
So I ended up checking ‘I made my own’ and also entering Lithium as ‘other’. Not that I wrote Lithium!

You might want to make ‘other’ a radio-buttonable option :slight_smile: