Politely asking customer for additional tool cost/unplanned expense

Good day,
I know this may have nothing to do with sites, web or things like that…but I feel I can find genius answers here from reading others posts.

I was writing an email to a customer regarding cost incurred when we had to relocate a tool to manufacture their parts. This involves an additional cost and I am not sure how to word it politely in the email/letter.
I have explained the two options we were faced with and that we chose the less expensive of the two, and went ahead with the change of tool location. Now I need to try to get the customer to pay for it willingly. They did not ask to move the tools, but parts are past our contract agreement stage.

Please help me word it? Give me ideas…

Thank you


I think you’re looking to fight an uphill battle since you’re past the contract stage, unless your lawyer was sneaky enough to include an unforseeable cost clause (which most clients won’t let fly as it’s too open ended).

A lot will depend on WHY you had to relocate the tool. Was there an issue with the facility where the tool just wouldn’t work (space, temperature conditions, etc)? Or did it have to be moved to make room for other, non-related work?

If it’s for a logistical issue AND this tool is only for their business, you MIGHT be able to get them to at least share in the cost of the move. But if it’s for a reason not related to them or you’ll be able to reuse the tool for other clients, you’re more than likely out of luck…

The tool is 20 yrs old. We had maintenace contract obligation to maintain it til now. We technically are under no obligation to support it.If the customer still need parts off of this tool, they would logically be obligated to share in extra cost if not pay for it all. A bit tricky. But even if they say no, we want to try.

Is there a reason why you didn’t ask the client to approve of the extra cost before you moved the tool?