Police: Little Chute teen used 'Dummies' book to hack school computers

Police searching the residence of a 15-year-old boy who admitted hacking into the Little Chute School District’s computers found a copy of the book “Internet for Dummies.”

“He was self-taught and self-motivated in that regard,” said Lt. Ray Lee of the Fox Valley Metro Police Department.


Haha… Using Internet for Dummies to hack school computers? What kind of security does the school have on their systems? LOL

what’s even worse is that the police released that information. that’s got to make the school’s IT guy look like an idiot.

At least someone’s getting a good education :smiley:

They have no idea how to handle this at all.

When I was 12 I was simply blocked from the school computers for hacking - and I have access now (since last january), but still only have word and access (lack of trust).

Since I was banned, I really came to terms with the ultimate question. “What’s the point?”. There isn’t one - for christ’s sake, it’s stupid, immature and pointless - something I, of course, regret.

Now I develop web applications, rather than trying to find loopholes. It’s basically a point of “So what if it may have faults - why bother finding them?”.

So this guy should just have a home and school computer and internet ban. If he gets caught on another machine, he gets sent to juvinile hall. Simple as.

I would guarantee within 18 months, he’d be well over it.

I also went through the “1337 haxx0r” stage when I was at school. Using my clever hacking skills (watching the admin type his password) I managed to find out it was “qwerty”. I decided not to wreck havoc on the school for their stupidity, but rather check out the network and learn more about Novell and what administrators get to play with. I think the worst thing I did with my newly-found power was give myself permission to change my resolution.

As far as this hacking goes I doubt there was much to it. A school network administrator doesn’t need to run his network like a nuclear bunker, so some tech-savvy kid will always find a way around something or at worst gain admin access and force you to use a backup.

If this problem is as widespread as it seems then perhaps its a lesson to schools to push further education in IT and Computing? Perhaps give kids extracurricular lessons in programming, network security and web development? I’ve never really understood why so much money is placed into sports when most kids cannot even get a good IT education. If I had learnt how to program before I left school I could’ve been a programming god by now!

We had 3 seperate cases of hacking school computers this month. First time i seen them and 3 makes me wonder if people saw this article

this shows how bad the school systems are instead of punishing kids who do this out of boredom and are “social outcast” why not teach these kids better and use there knnowledge to further our security by finding what is wrong withthe system so it can be fixed.DONT BE MAD BECAUSE KIDS ARE SMARTER THAN YOU!!!

What if they are mad because they bump threads that are almost 3 years old for no reason whatsoever instead?