Png to pdf

Hi there,

Not sure if this is the right place to post…

I’m designing a multi-page pamphlet for a company and I’m wondering what the best way to convert a .png to .pdf is.

Right now, I’m designing each page on it’s own, saving it as a .png and then opening the file using acrobat. The problem is that the text is a little ffuzzy. What’s the best resolution to use for on screen PDFs and is there a better method to do this?

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks

I’m a little confused:

I’m not sure why a pamphlet would be a .png in the first place. Did you really mean .png? That’s an image. What program are you creating this pamphlet in? Often there will be an option to export to pdf from the original file.

I’m designing it in Fireworks, because I’m most comfortable with that. I think I could probably do it in Word or something, but I find that extremely frustrating to use.

I just checked Fireworks. I made a test doc and went to File > Export and there was an option to export as a PDF file.

Right, I guess I’m just wondering if there’s an ideal resolution that I should use

Is it for print or online/screen viewing only? If the latter, I wouldn’t be worrying about that issue.

online. My standard is usually around 70 for online but it comes up fuzzy as a pdf

Hm, perhaps that’s because it’s not a vector program. I wouldn’t do something like this in Ps or Fw … I would consider Illustrator, but for a pamphlet/brochure etc. I find InDesign much better. I’m afraid I’ll have to leave it to someone else to suggest how you should deal with the fuzziness. :frowning:

Illustrator is the way to go.

otherwise create your .png image size as a normal 8x10 paper for pdf

You can just import the the .png file into photoshop and Save as .pdf. before that u can make a arrangement for the resolution
then while saving you can compress the file so that the file size can re reduced.
more methods are there to convert from png to pdf…
thank u !!