PLESK10 Installation on Rackspace Cloud Server


I’m trying to learn more about how to install PLESK10 onto Rackspace Cloud Servers (I can’t afford their “managed” service at this time). I do know PLESK offers an installer utility and a lengthy installation guide.

Does anyone have any suggestions or can point me towards helpful resources? I am a front-end developer that is starting to offer hosting to my clients and I just need to “get my feet wet”… We use PLESK at my 9-5 to manage a RS & a GoDaddy server and I like the functionality.

I know nothing about SSH and I am trying to determine if a PLESK installation is something I should attempt on my own. I am open to contracting this installation out if anyone is interested. Thanks!

Travis H.

I’d advise hiring someone to do it for you if you aren’t even familiar with ssh. While not complicated, you need to ssh in first to install it :slight_smile:

If you aren’t happy with SSH, I’d suggest you get someone else to do the install for you - someone who does know it and is happy to do so.