Please save my head

Hello Great People,
I am having slider issues with my site, a jumpy slider of course, and help with letting animation be controlled by user. kindly help me with any other issue you find with my site. Here’s my site url: and form authentication (just enter your mail and use password: testing)
Many thanks

I doubt anyone will be willing to enter their e-mail address on an insecure log-in to help you with your problem.

The log-in does not seem to me to be relevant to the slider issue, but if you require people to use it, then please provide a test user account.

True, but I want to address the user forms.
form authentication ( & password: testing)

Then I suggest you start a separate thread for each issue. It will become hopelessly confused if you try to cover everything in one thread.

Sorry, my Virus software blocks that site and I can’t risk looking.

has blocked a potentially malicious website.
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Please what potential threats did it suggest?

It doesn’t give any specific advice except this:

Your Malwarebytes malicious website blocking technology has blocked outgoing or incoming communication between your computer and a malicious Internet Protocol (IP) address. That's a good thing. This communication could be:

An attempt to download malware onto your computer
An attempt to redirect you to a malicious webpage
An attempt to deliver malicious advertising

I always trust Malwarebytes and won’t visit pages it blocks.

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