Please Review my Site

I am currently working on a school project for a PSA site promoting youth exercise. All tips are appreciated.
Go Exercise!


Where did the photos come from?

Most of them seem too dark.

I like your content and message!

What is your expected outcome for the site?

What is a PSA site?

The photos all came from stock image sites; however I made placed an opaque black foreground so that it is easier to read the white text. A PSA site is a public service announcement, sorry if I did not make that clear.


Oh, okay. Thought it referred to Photoshop or something.

The first thing I notice is it takes a while to load, presumably because of the video. That may affect your bounce rate with less patient visitors. You may want to display the placeholder image for the video while it loads.
The other thing that I noticed is another problem with the video, but an easy fix.
It’s giving you a horizontal scroller on smaller screens, because the width is not set correctly.
Replace min-width:100% and min-height:100% with width:100%; height:auto; on the video element.

I do have a preloader set up, and the video does not display on smaller devices. I’m not sure how to set up the placeholder image to display though.

I fixed the issue you pointed out with the video by disabling overflow-x for all of the html.

It gets rid of the scroller, but the video gets cropped off on the right. Setting full width will ensure visitors will see the whole width.

May I know which browser you are using? I don’t see much of an impact in chrome.

Additionally, I want the video to cover the whole screen. It does not make that much of a difference for me if a little is cut off. When the viewport actually gets too small, the video will be replaced with a static image.

Firefox, but the exact same thing happens in Chrome.

That’s why I recommend width:100% and not setting a min-width, so the video fits its container.

If you are happy with cropping the video, that’s up to you. But my preference would be for the video to fit, full width.

Thanks for your help.

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