Please i need the code to this with the coding

Write a java program that can compute the netpay of a staff at an organization using the following pieces of information:
-Netpay=Basic Salary + House allowance + Transport allowance + medical allowance - Pension - tax.
where house allowance=7% of the basic salary, Transport allowance=5% of the basic salary, Medical=10% of the basic salary, Pension=11% of the basic salary and Tax=9% of the basic salary.

Welcome to the forums, @femi490.

That sounds like an assignment question, and nobody here is going to do it for you.

If you show the code you have so far, and explain where you are stuck and what help you need, then I expect you’ll find someone willing to assist.


it is a question from a past question but we are yet to be taught the coding just the code format, wanna start practicing so please help.

And how is getting someone to do it for you going to help you practice?

Make a start and let us know where you get stuck.


ok! will try my best…am happy to be here.


So to my understanding…Netpay=basic salary +House Allowance + Transport +Medical- pension-tax.
but i will have to compute for the %'s first

like Housing allowance = Basic salary * 7/100.
and like that for each befor effecting the netpay formula
am i correct sirs??

Yes, you’ll need to calculate house allowance before you can add it into the net pay. Likewise the other figures.

Thanks alot

//A java program to Compute Netpay.
import java.util.*;
public class Netpay
public static void main(String arg[])
Double NP,BS,HA,TA,MA,P,T;
Scanner P=new scanner(;

is this correct pls…for my above question.

Does it give the correct answer?

i haven’t been taught to that level sir

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