Please Help in php spacific multi munber in row insert

Hello please help me …
I am create table in SQL name is Female and inter the some row for example create 5 row
when i am see record in all php page and want to when show 5 record then loop 5 specific number show with…
please any body tell me how can possible

for example

attach the file

specific number

create a new field called specific_number which is a varchar(10).

Enter those values into it.

you cannot have spaces in field names with mysql - which is what I presume you are using?

no i am not this use i am using automatic using loop or other code

Please try explaining yourself again.

Where is the extra data (example: 25-234-998) coming from?

ok i am not filed the specific number in SQL i am using the first row is 1 and second row is 2 automatic continues written number for example
you see this forum #1 is one row and #2 second row and #3 thread row and continues #4 , #5 i am written this place
first row #25-234-998 second row #25-234-999 third row #25-235-000 i mean you understand what i tell please help

OK now I understand, but I have to go out urgently.

Basically, you start with a number 25234998.

Add one to it.

break it into pieces of 2-3-4 numbers using substr() then reassemble the parts with a dash between them.

repeat that for the number of items in your table.

Thanks but i am not know please send complete code how this work

I am using this code
<?php echo $i ?>
is result out put
you know
but this time i am use this number
so …
please send how can use the code written this number

send the complete code

Ok, seeing as you asked so nicely :wink:



while($i < 5){
echo $start;

run that and then you have to work out how to split up the variable into 3 pieces, then reassemble it with dashes between them.

Try these manual pages: