Please Help Choose the Best Web Design and Web Development Training Online

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to learn on what skills needed to implement my design ideas on a certain website. I have the eyes for great looking website but I don’t know how to code.

I already know how to build a wordpress website and can change background image and colors using firebug.

My skill is very limited to customize a wordpress theme. There are some wordpress themes that have great framework but very basic web design. (only for my eyes)

I want to learn on how to customize a wordpress premium theme framework and also to learn on how to create a child theme.

I need an advice from real web developers/designers on which course do I need to take. I have seen the ithemes wordpress web design training and the complete web developer course on udemy to be okay but I’m not sure if these are the right course for me.

Please help me choose the best web design and web development training.


It really does depend what you are looking for.

Get started learning HTML and CSS.
To develop on WordPress you need to learn [URL=“”]PHP and MySQL.

SitePoint and Learnable both cover these topics comprehensively. (For $17 dollars a month learnable is an absolute steal). Start with a sample lesson and see if it is what you are looking for, but for my money, the courses are some of the best on the market, especially for beginners.


While tutorials and guides are good (and probably essential) the best way to learn is to do what you have already been doing. Try and build things on your own and actually work with the code on a regular basis and you will find yourself learning in no time. A great way to practice is to tell a friend or family member that you will build a site for them. Or you can just practice on your own.

W3 Schools has a lot of great tutorials,



I take an opposite view to Shawn on the value of w3schools and would ask you very nicely to please avoid them as far as possible. For a comprehensive list of reasons to not touch them you can read: w3Fools - A w3schools intervention.
The other resource which is helpful for learning WordPress is the WordPress codex.

And of course the other great resource for HTML , CSS and JavaScript is sitepoint’s reference

i have searched and download some training videos from
you can try them out as i have done previously for PPC training and it was worth learning.