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I have taken on the task of working on our club’s website. This website was started a few years ago and has just been a mess. I have started to organize and add somepictures to some of the pages and changed the color scheme, but it still looks like a blog. I would like to get rid of the “Page Title” on the top of the pages, get rid or redesin the side nav bar and would like to fix our banner (header) make the font larger, maybe center it and possibly add a graphic as well. The original site is wordpress and they would like to keep it if possible. This is the link to our site, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

I would definitely say that you don’t need the side navbar…why do I care (as a club member or potential one) what the minutes for September whatever-day 3 years ago are? Put it in the sitemap, if anything, but not on the main page.

Centering isn’t a problem for me. The balance in the page is fine, although when you take out the right navbar it might become one…in fact, the centered text really annoys me. It’s ugly and breaks in random places. It’s also really big…


Hi jjpish68. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Do you have any experience with CSS / HTML / WordPress coding? Changing the layout of a WP site takes a bit of coding skill, so it could be a tall order if you are new to this. We can help with various things, but if this is new to you, you are probably better off hiring someone to help with this … unless you are ready for a significant learning curve. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ralph, I have done some work with HTML a few years back on a site I did for a project I was working on. I don’t mind learning and working through it. If I could get rid of the sidebar and the page titles appearing to start I think I would feel better about what we have.


OK, I haven’t used WP for quite a while now, but I did write a little summary of what I learned about modifying a WP theme a few years back (though it may be out of date now). You have to open various theme files to modify the structure of a WP page. See if this helps at all:

Otherwise, you could Google topics like “how to modify a wordpress theme”.

Thank You