Playwire / Intergi - Avoid

I have been flying through Ad Networks lately allowing me to test quite a few, with Playwire / Intergi probably being the largest of the recent group.

I know two other publishers that are using them and at first they seemed happy, but have complained about some bad reporting recently which had me worried.

After implementing their tags they will ask you constantly for rights to take over your site and be your one and exclusive ad provider. I wasn’t ready to commit to having one network control my entire revenue, and of course they get cranky.

Instead of being professional they purposely break their own tags, causing a loss of revenue for the publisher using them. I’ve attempted repeatedly to contact them to see what’s up, but they are giving the silent treatment. All because I don’t want them as my only network. The worst part is that they purposely sabotage your revenues if they get cranky.

My only advice is that, unless you really only want one ad network, avoid Intergi and Playwire like the plague. I’ll keep this thread updated if I ever get some sort of logical response from them, but for right now they are terrible.


*I got a couple other new networks in the pipeline, so will create some new threads on them shortly.

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