Playing a video when clicking a link else where on the page

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

Is there a video program, like youtube,that I can play when I click a link elsewhere on the page ? When an event takes place.

Thank you for you help,


hello alexander.

youtube uses a plug-in, based on the Adobe Flash Player, that handles video content. so it’s a site not a program :slight_smile: a flash player it’s what you’re looking for.

and you’ve answered your self: when an event takes place you can write JS code to use that plug-in, in order use a flash player to play a video file. that means that the visitors of your page should install Adobe Flash Player browser plug-in in order to be able to play that video file.

what you’re asking, i believe, is how to embed an youtube video link into your page? if so, the answer is here.

i think i need some more details. you say:

  • ‘I have a page with an already embedded video’. how is it embedded?
  • 'I have a link on the page that says “play” '. similar to a play button on a flash player, that corresponds to a play command for that player, for which you can use a JS command.

i don’t know how you’ve embedded the video. but it seems to me that you want to emulate the play button on a (flash) player with a link somewhere else in your page.

depending on your way of embedding and the player you’ve used, a JS code will permit you to send a play command to that player.

embedding a video file in your page and using a flash player in your page to play a video file are two different things. that video file could, for instance, be played by a helper application, outside your page.

that’s why you need to be very specific :slight_smile: unless you’re going for <video> tag in html5, which, by the way, didn’t go well not even with google and his youtube.


Perhaps I did not communicate myself clearly, let me try again.

I have a page with an already embedded video and I have a link on the page that says “play”. I would like to start playing the video when the link is clicked.

I am not sure whether youtube allows this, but I am open for other video solutions as well.

Please let me know if this is clearer.