Planning a website

How to write initial ideas and visual designs components

About the fitness company project

I did it this way:

  1. Select a CMS (Drupal, Wordpress etc)
  2. Chose a standard template for this CMS that almost fits your need.
  3. Replace the template contents with mockup contents (lorem ipsum…)
  4. Do the navigation stuff.
  5. Replace the dummy content with real content.

As always, there are many ways to do a task.

Very much depends on whether it is a website for you and you are doing all the development. If this is for someone else such as a company and/or you are paying someone else to create something for you then you should use the design methodologies that have been developed by thousands of other software specialists over a period of many years. The first thing a professional should do is a requirements definition (what needs to be done in non-technical terms) before making any decisions about how to do it.