Pinging how good is it?

i have heard of ping or pinging and i have also being to this site call pingomatic.
please i want to know if pinging my blogs will bring good traffic to my blogs and if it will how do i go about it. please help me
And i will be very happy if you can give some list of other pinging websites that you have used before that brought you good result
thanks for your help.

pingomatic is the best is just alert to other blog that your blog post is updated.If you not update your blog or just ping it so it no means update blog pot daily then ping it to different blog pinging website.

You may wonder if I say you can even Ping your SBM list!

here are the pinging sites I used:

Your traffic will increase because pinging brings you upper in the search engines and the people find you faster, the chance that your blog has more visitors is bigger.

Yah right. I don’t think it’s possible in traffic. But in backlinks, it’s possible.

Simply put, blog pinging is blog notification. It can notifying other blog search engines, other blogs, or even people.

does it all? does what? it will only help your site get indexed. id rather go for social bookmarking than pinging because in SB, my site can gain an inbound link (dofollow link of course) aside from getting indexed.

It is never a bad idea to ping when you have submitted a new article as it will help to generate traffic for a long term.

If i understood corect, with ping the info spread more quickly because ping services ping further? I read the entire thread but i can’t mix the post for a noob/easy answser

I know i ping on pingoat and seem to get a lot of followers :slight_smile:

Well i use pingoat which is very easy to use just go to
and enter your website and and also your latest post xml then mark the areas you want to ping

I ping all my blogs to to all the seach engines using services like pinomatic so that the search engine in general knows that our blog got updated and it crawls the site faster.
This is helpful for indexing and I do not think that it is in anyway a wrong act.

If you have content on your site constantly updating then pinging search engines is a great practice!

Here are some of the ping sites I used and they seem to be useful.

i use pingoat.

very use full, for fast indexing your external link and your content


pinging helps…i use blogblaster

I have other quality pinging sites. If you are interested please PM me. (:

I only use pingoat and pingomatic.
just that