Pingdom and GZIP validation

I have been testing Pingdom and GZIP validation was verified: (Brotli validated) (GZIP validated)

CloudFlare CDN allows Brotli OR GZIP or none.
So, Pingdom validates only GZIP or none.

Maybe I am wrong but even I verify other testing websites it will be GZIP enabled, Brotli enabled but Pingdom will report just GZIP verification.

As CloudFlare allows compressed method (Brotli), it means Pingdom pushes GZIP validation as 45/100 as false result.

Excellent article:
Gzip was originally intended to compress files and has been adapted to compressing streams so it could work on the web. Brotli on the other hand, was designed from the beginning to compress streams. This makes it a better choice for web servers to compress content before streaming it to a browser.

Do you have a question @toplisek?

I have an issue as Pingdom does not detect 100/100 as GZIP is validated but Pingdom has a false signal.
So, my question is very simple.

  1. How to test GZIP and Pingdom as 100/100?
  2. Is it possible that CloudFlare compressed file as Brotli and Pingdom has false signal?

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