Picking up scuba diving

Heading for hood canal in wa in the near future for my open water dive.
Want to take shots for my stock image site.
What’d be an inexpensive (reasonably) good camera I can take into the water?
I am sure some here, have some jokes ready to go for this one.
Keep in mind the camera should work underwater & survive the experience to do it again.


You can get waterproof cameras that are ‘caseless’ but they generally have a small sensor and only work well in shallow/bright conditions. If you have a bit more to spend, a high quality compact like a canon powershot s110 or a sony rx100 have far better high ISO image quality and dynamic range which you need to get a decent shutter speed if light or water clarity isn’t optimal. These of course need a separate underwater case, which are unfortunately quite expensive.

was thinking of the Olympus TG-820 12MP Shock/Water/Freeze-Proof good for up to 50ft
the sony is definitely not in my budget. the canon looks nice & yes…wow. plastic case was the same price as the camera.

i would like to suggest nikon cameras that are very good under water…especially nikon coolpix aw110 16mp

Do you have an iPhone 5? You you can always get the LifeProof case which should be enough for underwater photography.
You won’t be getting DSLR quality with any underwater shots really.

Thanks all. nope don’t have an iphone. Android person.
I waited too long so this time i won’t be taking a new digital camera for the underwater stuff. But i’ll bring my coolpix for above the water shots and got a point & shoot at the dive shop for $20.00.
so hope to get this more researched and ready for the next dive.

Well Happy I didn’t rush to get that camera
That is me & part of my group. found out once i got there no under water camera/photos for us. I think they just wanted us to focus on our skills and paying attention.
Next dive!