PHPUnit - Non-class methods

What’s the suggested pattern to use when unit testing methods that don’t live inside a class?

(Or is the idea that all code should live inside a class, perhaps as a static method?)

The same with a object, you run it and check the output. Its pattern is the same.

Sorry, my question must not have been clear.

Given that PHPUnit groups tests for class X into XTest, what is the pattern for methods outside a class? Create a fictitious GlobalTest?

Not looking for a howto, looking for best practices.

You are talking about the PHPUnit infrastructure to creating a test unit? I thought you was planning to change your code to suite PHPUnit or something.

Uh, no - please see subject and first post for the question.

class NameThatDescribesTest extend TestUnit // [Drawing a blank on PHPUnits naming at the moment]
  // test code here....

Only one way to make a testunit in PHPUnit as fas as I know.