PHPStorm problems

Since I started to use PHPStorm, I have a problems with incorrect code inspection. Inspection shows errors or warnings without any reason. Could I fix it somehow or there is the community or support service for consulting?

It is not without reason. Post the code and the inspection you are getting.

PHPStorm can be tricky to setup at first. I can’t remember, but PHPStorm doesn’t recognize local directories for some reason. What I mean it thinks it an error; however, to be sure we need to see the code as benanamen already stated. Once you get that resolved then PHPStorm will really shine.

Some warnings are basically meaningless when it comes to running the code and they can easy be fixed as there is an problems window that you simply hover over the warning click on it and it will give suggestions on how to fix it. Errors can be fixed that way, but my only suggestion is to make sure you jot the original code down first in case the suggestion doesn’t fix the error. I learn the hard way that you can really mess up PHPStorm if you don’t.

I working with PHP-Storm since 2007. And actually I developing PHP since 2005, so I am surely experient enough to understand whether code error/warning exists.

Trust me, code example brings nothing. Yet I have warnings on several classes. Code is…

public function __construct()

And warning sounds: parent constructor call missing. Why here it is missing, and why there is no warning in another classes in similar situation?

Sometimes thouse errors disappear by ctrl+A, ctrl+X, ctrl+V, sometimes - by new release… I really need Storm expert for this problems.

First, What version of PhpStorm and Php are you running?

Storm 2020.2.4, PHP 7.2

Php 7.2 is the worst release for bugs of the 7.x branch. Upgrade to the current version and set the Storm preferences to use that version. You are at least 44 releases and hundreds of bug fixes behind on PHP.