Phpmyadmin reset auto increment field

Hi all,

Actually i got two questions other than the mentioned title :rolleyes:

I noticed that my first field in the database, id, is always incrementing…even after i cleared all the rows in the table :sick: Is it possible to tell the id to start from 1 after i deleted all the rows?

Is it possible to combine the following into one query statement?

$clear1=mysql_query("DELETE FROM admin",$link) or die(mysql_error());	
$clear2=mysql_query("DELETE FROM avatar",$link) or die(mysql_error());	
$clear3=mysql_query("DELETE FROM deltb",$link) or die(mysql_error());

Any help / advice will be appreciated.
Thanks. :smiley:


Yes, for example if you use TRUNCATE TABLE admin;

No :slight_smile:

I know this is an old post but I found it when searching for the same question and I have a solution that may be useful to others.

After deleting the rows in phpMyAdmin, go to the Operations tab. At the bottom of this section is the Table Options. Type 1 in the auto_increment box and click Go. Your records will now start from 1. If you type 10 than your numbering will start from 10 and so on.