Phpmyadmin items order

I don’t know if I am off topic, but I don’t understand why, in phpmyadmin, I cannot get view items (through a relation view) in the same order that they are in the view (that is by name), but by ID order.
I add a screenshot to explain what I mean:

The relation view of the table is the following:


I guess that if I get a column (ID), that column will be shown in its order. So, there is no way to get the ID (act_id) column in the order of name (act_cognome) column?


Let me turn the question in another way: as long as in the ID drop-down menu there are two values, as you can see above, that is, ID and name, it couln’t be possibile to have the ID in the name drop-down menu (name - ID, while so far I get name - name)?

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