PhpMyAdmin designer and query tool

I had to get some data from two tables depending on the output from a third table. I was totaly lost on how to do it and ended up with 3 queries but I knew ther must be another way.

I had a look around the web and there were a few GUI programs around but most of them were a few hundred dollars.
I downloaded and tried the Mysql workbench but could not get the hang of that and then found a post about using the Query tool in PhpMyAdmin. This didn’t help but then I noticed the designer tab.

After some trial and error I linked the table rows in each of my 8 tables that were connected to each other but could not find a way to do a query and so I saved this and went back to the query tab.

This time when I started building my query PhpMyAdmin must have known what rows in what table I had linked in the designer tab as again after some more trial and error I had a query that retreaved data from two tables using join.

This is well worth looking into further and I am still looking for a good tutorial about it; if anyone knows one please post a link.

What your looking for is joins.