Phpmailer SMTP settings for Godaddy

I am trying to set up my SMTP settings for Phpmailer to work with Godaddy but there are so many different information on the net for the settings.

What should the HOST and PORT be?? I have tried localhost………and a few more without any luck.

I have tried the ports for 25 and 587. No luck.

Any other settings that I need to set.

Start by providing us some of your code to see what you have been using and possibly missing. One thing I do want to quickly mention is that it is “” and not “”. Might be just a typo but I thought I would mention it in case you are trying to use that.

Also make sure that you use the method isSMTP() with phpmailer to put it into SMTP mode and try the servers and ports listed here…

I also found a blog where they claim their example of code is working on GoDaddy, but I can’t verify since I don’t use godaddy. But it might be worth trying. One thing to notice is that they are using a debug property that should be printing out some reasons to why something is not working. Those messages might be helpful to know to troubleshoot.

If you show your code we might be able to help further.