Phpmailer and DKIM

I want to send a bunch of e-mails to my subscribers in a huge list. It works great, but the other day it seems like it’s being returned and marked as spam.
Not sure if it’s me or someone else on the same web host, since I guess it looks like the same server is sending stuff.

I am sending with phpmailer and smtp and read something about using something called DomainKeys Identified Mail.
Would that solve the problem or should I do something else? And how can I add the DKIM to the phpmailer?

ISPs can get very twitchy about you sending out large amounts of email, so be careful. Also be careful that those on your mailing list really wanted to be there and know why they are there. Otherwise they will often flag your emails as spam.

IMHO, it’s better to use a recognized provider for mailouts like this, such as MailChimp or CampaignMonitor. It’s very cheap, and there are lots of benefits, including not getting in trouble for sending large amounts of email, tracking opens etc.

Well, the members in my mail know why they are there. And they can always unsubscribe and all that. And I only send the amount of e-mail per hour that my web host told me I’m aloud to send. And it’s all built on a db system with a lot of stuff set that is included in the email. So I would really like to run this on my own. There must be a way to make it work? If mailchimp and campaign monitor can do it, why can’t we?

I’ve set up DKIM for my emails, and it was very easy, but I’m using GMail, which has its own instructions. You just make a few simple settings in your web hosting account. Just Googling “php mailer dkim” produces some nice tutorials on using DKIM with PHP Mailer. I guess SPF might also be an option.