Phpinfo not showing apache loaded modules


I’ve installed apache+php on my local win2k box, now running phpinfo, it doesn’t show which apache modules are loaded. I have edited httpd.conf file and uncommented the AddModule and LoadModule lines and restarted apache but still not showing. How do I make the phpinfo command display the apache loaded modules?


PHP doesn’t show loaded Apache modules under Win32, only *Nix-based systems (and only if loaded as an Apache module)

try phpinfo(INFO_MODULES);

ANd how do I know which modules I have installed?

Also thanks dangermouse but phpinfo(INFO_MODULES); didn’t show anything about modules, looks like a cut out version of phpinfo()

If it’s you’re own server then you can just read your own config file or do http://localhost/server-info (if you’re configured to allow this)