Hi to all. I am very interested in learning PHP and MySQL and i’m very much new to these coding… I am referring a book by Kevin Yank as my guide but i just can’t find php5ts.dll and under this link which one is the binaries download? Please help and thanks…

Being a beginner, I’d recommend to you WAMP -

About your question, check if you have a 64bits OS and, if yes, choose PHP on 64bits, else, get the x86.
Read about thread-safe here:

If you still have issues, get PHP 5.4

If you want to use the installer from PHP’s website, it seems they only have one built for 5.3 at this time.

However, if you want to run the latest and greatest version of PHP, I agree with @vectorialpx ; and to use WAMP to get it installed locally (or XAMPP).

Thanks guys for your help vectorialpx and cpradio… Im gonna check that site and i’ll get to you both a little bit later for my feedback…

php5ts.dll is obsolete and does not ship with PHP. You should read updated articles about installing PHP.

Ok can you point me to where I can find site or an article that would help me install and learn latest PHP… If there would be a very basic level i would prefer that… Thanks coder911.

I always look at for the most up-to-date installation instructions:

Assuming recent version of Windows and IIS installed, the MSI installer is the easiest option. Also, once PHP is installed, you can manage it using a tool called “PHP Manager for IIS”.

When you get more comfortable with php, using something like a virtual machine setup with vagrant is much more powerful. However, I agree with the advice you have been given here - for a beginner, wamp is perfect. Just bear in mind that once you are more comfortable with php, you’ll find wamp is a bit restrictive and it’s better to know how to set things up yourself :slight_smile: