PHP Unit: Worst Manual Ever

I’ve been through this thing a dozen times now - at no point does it explain how to actually run a test. What’s the bloody point of writing a test if running it is never explained?

This article might help (albeit its 2-3 years old)

This section of the manual deals with running tests from the command line:

Michael Morris: Worst Ability-To-Find-What-Is-Right-Under-Your-Nose Ever. (:

I’ve found that at the beginning it’s easiest to run tests from an IDE that supports PHPUnit. Recently, I set up Netbeans to run tests and it was super easy plus the test files with classes and method definitions were created for me automatically by the Skeleton Generator. Now I can run tests by using a menu item or a shortcut in Netbeans. Other IDE’s should have similar support, I suppose.

However, I know there are people who will swear that command line rules! :smiley:

I have a severe cold and at the time that was posted I was running a temperature of 101. I plead infection induced dementia your honor. (I was reading the PHP Unit manual on my ipad in bed, too weak to sit upright and type at length).

Ok, is there a way to chain tests together rather than run them one at a time? (Each test hits one class or a tight group of classes, but I’d like to be able to test the whole system).

Yes, create a “test suite”.

Looks simple enough.