Php two dimensional array

I need an example for n dimensional array with insertion operation in it
can any one help me…

examples of single and multi-dimensional arrays

I’m not too sure what you are asking but here goes:


// create two arrays
$flowers = array('rose', 'petunia', 'lilly');
$dogs = array('fido', 'spot', 'lab', 'puffy');

// create multidimensional array
$multiDimensionalArray = array('flowers'=>$flowers, 'dogs'=>$dogs);

// add a dog
$multiDimensionalArray['dogs'][] = 'pooch';

// show result
echo "multiDimensionalArray= \
print_r ($multiDimensionalArray);
echo "</pre>\


I explain my problem in detail

I am using an array whose dimension(1 dimensional or 2 dimensional or multi dimensional) changes dynamically.

Output :should be

Array ( [a0] => x [a1] => sin(a0))

how to create array for the above structure
Please help…

banu, you need one or more looping structures depending on the algorithm you are coding. See

for example, the following would create values sin(0) to sin(9):


$x = 0;
$result = array();
while ($x < 10) {
    $result[] = array($x, sin($x));

// show result
echo "result= \
print_r ($result);
echo "</pre>\


A clearer example. Here’s how you would access the members of a multidimensional array.


This declaration format makes the multidimensional nature more clear.

$table => array (
  0 => array (
    'name' => 'John',
    'address' => 'Somewhere',
    'job' => 'pirate'

  1 => array (
    'name' => 'Ken',
    'address' => 'Unknown',
    'job' => 'Ninja'

There is no limit on the number of mathematical dimensions you can have in the language, though memory limitations on the script will quickly catch you if you aren’t careful - and I have built an array with as many as 6 dimensions for complicated reports. Parsing time becomes a concern whenever you have that many levels though as it won’t scale well if a large number is put into one of the lower dimensions. The syntax is just to keep adding to the tail, like this.