PHP to Custom PDF

Hi guys,

just started to learn PHP I have a project I would like to work on but first I would like to get the first steps right.

I want to create a websites that would offer people to create pre-designed templates. For example John needs to make a Certificate.
I have created a few Certificate designs before and I offer John to use these designs for his own use.

So… When John visits my site he finds a design he likes and fills out a form such as:

Name : …
Certificate For: …
Date: …

and so on…

clicks continue, sees how his certificate would look, if he likes it he can save it as .pdf .doc or any format.
I want it all to be automatic so that everything happens step in step.

I would like to know what would be the first steps I need to take and also could I somehow use this kind of PHP code in wordpress?


I had a look at the “fpdf” toolkit, which is a set of php routines for creating PDF files. It did support loading images, different fonts and so on, so I guess an easy way would be to create the certificate templates as images, then use fpdf to create the pdf, load the image, overlay the text in the correct places. I didn’t look in much detail, as I was really looking at a way to port it to another OS (which doesn’t support php) rather than actually using it.