PHP shopping cart tutorial

Can anyone recommend a simple PHP shopping cart tutorial which uses sessions but not a database?

hey! not to be the cap but have you tried looking it up on YouTube? i’m asking cause usually that’s where i go for coding help (and after that, a Greek temple ahahha)

You tube can be helpful. But the pitfall is that there are a lot of bad tutorials on there by people who don’t know enough about PHP to even know how little they actaully know.
You can find a lot of out-dated, badly written insecure code being taught.
This will usually catch out beginners, as they won’t be able to distingush a good one from a bad one.


ah, I see your point

are you a beginner?

Not a beginner, but certainly not an expert.

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Thanks everyone for your responses.
I finally found this tutorial which while not exactly what I needed, was easy to adapt.


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