Php please

After downloading vitualbox, git and vagrant by folliwing the instructions from php and mysql book i dont know what to do again…
please held me am not getting any thing .homestead, and what and what please

Welcome to the forums @abdallahhidir83

The details you have provided are rather thin. You’ll need to provide more information if anyone is to be able to help you.

Which book are you using? (We could guess, but it’s never a good idea to guess :slight_smile: ) In particular, which edition?

How far did you get in following the instructions?

What have you tried that didn’t work - and how did it not work?

What does “what and what” mean?

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here is the screenshoot

am trying to start up my server but is not working

You still haven’t answered the specific questions I asked. If you want someone to help you have to help us to help you. We don’t have a crystal ball.

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