PHP script to pull data from ticketing system

I am looking for something weird.

I do not know to code… but know the basics… i work with open source php scripts and know basic html…

My company uses a ticketing system… I need an Open Source PHP Script to pull data from the fields available in the ticketing system.
The idea is to have a tool that will pull the data from the fields and open an outlook send email window with the information from the fields in a template on the mail body. Also, it should be able to pull the contacts from the ticketing system and enter the same in the to, cc and bcc field.

I managed to make this in excel with macros, but would need this to happen as a web based script also being able to pull data which is user specific as per the ticketing system.

I hope i was able to mention my requirement clearly. If you have doubts i can clarify further. Need this at the earliest.

Thanks in advance.