PHP QRCode Generator

ZF only has a component for barcode. It doesn’t support QR generation. What is the best php lib I can use to create QR?

QR Codes are standardized, so I don’t know how you’d measure ‘best’.

Find whatever one suits your needs.

I meant better coded with as much features as possible. Can somone suggests some links for good QR php generators?

Second result on google:

I didn’t do a thorough lookover, but at first glance it looks complete and it has tests, which is always a good thing for a library to have.

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Thanks but this one requires php 7.2 and mine is 7.1. Would you plz suggest another good?

PHP 7.1 support ends pretty soon. I’m not going to go out of my way to help you keep using it.


Here is an api.

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