Question regarding PHP Pro. I’ve been a long time fan of your books and have over 10 of them plus as many e-books in my library.

I recently purchased PHP Pro and it’s the first of your printed books that is not in full color. Was there a color version and a black and white version and I missed the prompt or is this a new thing going forward? I really enjoyed the color, it made the books more enjoyable and engaging. I really hope you haven’t decided to only publish in black and white… I’d rather the cost of the books go up.


not the first

Simply SQL (2009) was all black and white as well – it was supposed to be in colour, and in fact early blurbs actually went out to amazon saying it was in colour, but sitepoint publishing honchos changed their minds

i like to think that it suffered because of this decision, but we all know that true beauty lies in the code and of course also in the simple and clear explanations in the text


Absolutely–the books still have top notch content.

I have Simply SQL as well but I never noticed. It’s likely I read the entire book from the PDF and that’s why I never noticed.

At least the digital version is full color and that will likely be the only form factor I’ll purchase these books in moving forward unless it explicitly states it will be in full color.

I can print it out in black and white and throw it in a three ring binder for those days I prefer a hard copy.

I haven’t got my copy in yet, but I’m betting it was to keep costs down. I saw that it’s 400 pages… I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at publishing books before, but 400 page full-color is quite expensive. If they did full color the book would probably be more like $100. =p