PHP post submit

How can you take a PHP form and turn it into a long post URL.
I want the values that would usually be put in via an HTML form (mine are coming
to me dynamically) to be submitted automatically when the page loads. Would
this mean just take the areas of your form and putting them in the URL
like so:




That would be the $_GET parameter that grabs stuff from the URL. You shouldn’t really pass anything in the URL though. It’s bad practice and people can break your code if you are passing something that’s client side or sensitive.

That is NOT a reason for choosing between GET and POST.

Use GET when you are requesting information from the server but not changing anything on the server. Use POST when you are changing something on the server.

It is just as easy for those who know how to update POST values as it is to update GET values so security doesn’t come into it at all.

It sounds to me like the OP wants the page to process data AS IF it was sent by a form using GET, only originating dynamically by adding key/values to the URL. Link possibly. Must be a better way. Hard to know the intentions of OP.

I’m gonna guess this is the answer OP is looking for

<form method="get">

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