PHP or Facebook API or...?

Hey guys,

So I’m wondering if it’s even possible to post onto more than one Facebook page at the SAME time. Like what if, I want to put a post on my page, then on my friend’s page, then on my mom’s page, etc. Can I just do it at the same time? Is there software to do this? Can it be built? How long will it take. Cost?

Thanks ; )

It looks like you want to automate Facebook posting and yes, it is possible. Facebook only seems to limit the number of users, API calls or impressions.

If you exceed 5M MAU, 100M API calls per day, or 50M impressions per day, you may be subject to additional terms.

100M API calls per day. :open_mouth: That is a lot!

As for writing a script for it, it shouldn’t be too difficult. As a matter of fact, someone already did write a beginning guide to do it.


Hey , thank you!!!

Is this a guide my client can use or do I still need to find her a programmer?

To use the API successfully, you’d probably want to have a programmer, who knows what she is doing.


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