Php news script


I am using a ready made real estate script i php… I am trying to email them for support they never reply… I have a question … i want to add a news section where i can add every day news… is it possible where i can install 3rd party news script with a different admin panel…


What do you mean by real estate script?
Are you using a content management system such as Joomla, Drupal or WordPress?
Are you talking about a theme you purchased?

If you can give us some more information, we’ll be able to help more.

custom php website

Sure, but how do you update your content?
Do you have an interface where you can make changes and publish them to the web, or do you have to update files by hand and upload them to your server via FTP?

i would like to pay if any one will fix it… i dont know any coding part

Ok, then the best bet is to head over to the SP market place:
You should be able to find someone there to help you.
Good luck!

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You should actually never repeat code - if it appeared even twice I’d say it would point to a design problem. Why can this code not appear just once on your site?

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You could add on a simple CMS like Perch.