I am looking for a script or a solution which would do the following action : list the folders of my server in a PHP page as a treeview and in the same time dynamically insert the name of these folders in a table of MySQL database. In other words, when a folder is added to the server, it must appear automatically in my PHP page and in a field of a table of my database this allows to use it with another script.

I hope my explanations to be clear…

Thank you for your help,


Hi Santille

Do you still need help with this?


Yes, of course, I need always some help…



OK here we go. Not sure if it is working 100% correct but it seems to be working.

I took an existing javascript script for the tree (reference to the source can be found in the php file.

The php is written by me but just quickly. So I am sure you can make it more efficient.

In the php file you can also find the database structure that I have used.

There is also some folders that I had to test.

Hope it works. Good luck

Thanks, Stephan!
Unfortunately I am not able to take you .zip file to test for the moment! (under Approval, what’s that?)


Under approval means that it needs to be approved before that anyone can see what’s inside, of course :smiley: