PHP Mysql Database Video Portal

I am looking for a free or opensource CMS that would allow me to do the following:

  1. Create individual user/password protected accounts
  2. upload FLV videos to a private portal for each user, other users may not access these videos (i am using hwdvideoshare on joomla, but that has a different purpose then these private accounts)
  3. Have the script be able to run on shared hosting

I host using HostMonster, and plan to have 15 - 30 simultaneous users. Bandwidth and space are not any troubles for right now.

The script needs to be compatible with major browsers, and hopefully use a free FLV video player like Flowplayer or JWPlayer.

Right now I am using an edited version of EyeOS (vrs 1.9), but each user triggers cpu throttling. I would like to have a simpler script, like joomla (but I already use joomla for a main site, and it cannot satisfy these needs), and a script that does not hog CPU, as eyeos is meant to be a full - blown internet operating system. Any suggestions are appreciated!