PHP max connections

i have a dedicated server
i wanna increase the max connections

i’ve never had a competent response on this site when asking about php server stuff
i always get answers like “go into the server and change the connections”
if i knew how to go into the server and change it…i wouldn’t be asking the questions
can someone explain it to a novice or link me to a tutorial

first of all you might want to be a bit more considerate to those who you ask for help.
We are not getting paid to help you. Second of all, have you tried google?? I typed in mysql max_connections and got a ton of answers. I’m assuming you are using mysql although you never stated that in the post. PHP doesnt have any value for max connections, it is a scripting language not a service. Apache may have a max connections but i havent gotten into that…

As to your answer, if you are using mysql, you cuold have a file named my.conf or my.cnf or something of that sort which contains the startup configuration variables for mysql.
change the variable:

set-variable = max_connections=300

i got that from the following thread but it was referring to an old version of mysql, i’m assuming the syntax is the same for newer versions


well…the thing is
i have no clue how to find that file
where would it be located?
i don’t see it when i FTP in

Can you ssh into your server? Do you have admin privileges? Who setup php and mysql?

Its not in your document root.

Its on the server, but not where you can get it with FTP.

You will have to ask nicely your hosting company, but they may say no.