Php, iconv() function error message

Hi everyone,
My text file contains the following string: “ãéðä”.
My PHP batch to convert that string goes like this:

$text = iconv("UTF-8","ISO-8859-1", "ãéðä");
echo $text;

When I run the code I get the converted text I want .
In a case i have more then one such string, I use the following code:

$myFile = 'test.txt';
$myHandle = fopen($myFile,'r');
$myText = fread($myHandle, filesize($myFile));
$ridComma = explode(',',$myText);
foreach($ridComma as $item)
	$text = iconv("UTF-8","ISO-8859-1", $item);

This time I get the following error:

With the same conversion function I get the conversion in one batch and an error in the other !
Could anyone explain me why?
Thanks !

echo $item inside your loop and figure out which input string it is that’s causing the issue.

Echo shows this:
ãéðä ਍਍਍

What’s the second line of your text file then?

The illegal character is not in $matches[1], but in $xml

iconv($matches[1], ‘utf-8//TRANSLIT’, $xml);

And showing us the input string would be nice for a better answer.

There is no second line. I try to convert the same string in 2 defferent methods.
The second method is good for a text file with more then one string.

it is ‘“ãéðä”’

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