Php form doesn't send content after php version upgrade

My client made upgrade of php version in his website and now contact form in hid website doesn’t send content of emails. User get email but only with footer part with info from which system was email send but content miss.

How can I solve it please?

  	$id = intval($_POST["id"]);
	$lastname = $_POST["nachname"];
  	$firstname = $_POST["vorname"];
  	$company = $_POST["firma"];
  	$street = $_POST["strasse"];
  	$city = $_POST["ort"];
  	$plz = $_POST["plz"];
  	$tel = $_POST["telefon"];
  	$email = $_POST["mail"];
  	$message = $_POST["msg"];
  	$captcha = $_POST["captcha"];
  	// error handling
  	$c = new captcha;
  	$errors = "";
  	if(empty($lastname)) $errors .= "Bitte geben Sie Ihren Nachnamen an.<br />";
  	if(empty($firstname)) $errors .= "Bitte geben Sie Ihren Vornamen an.<br />";
  	if(empty($street)) $errors .= "Bitte geben Sie Ihre Straße an.<br />";
  	if(empty($plz)) $errors .= "Bitte geben Sie Ihre PLZ an.<br />";
  	if(empty($city)) $errors .= "Bitte geben Sie Ihren Wohnort an.<br />";
  	if(!is_valid_email_address($email)) $errors .= "Bitte geben Sie eine gültige E-Mail Adresse an.<br />";
  	if(!$c->check($captcha)) $errors .= "Sie haben den Sicherheitscode falsch eingegeben.<br />";
  	// get seminar
  	$query = $db->query("SELECT titel FROM ".prefix."_seminare WHERE id = '$id'");
  	$row = $db->fetch_assoc($query);
  	$seminar = $row["titel"];
  	// error handling
  		// sendmail
  		$mail = new mail;
  		$mail->from = $globalmailfrom;
  		//$mail->to = $globalmailto;
  		$mail->to = "";
  		$mail->replyto = $email;
  		$mail->subject = "Neue Seminaranmeldung";
  		$mail->message = "Es liegt eine neue Seminaranmeldung vor!
  		Seminar: $seminar
  		Name: $firstname $lastname
  		E-Mail: $email
  		Firma: $company
  		Straße: $street
  		Ort: $plz $city
  		Telefon: $tel  		
  		// bestätigung
  		$mail->to = $email;
  		$mail->replyto = $globalmailfrom;
  		$mail->subject = "Ihre Seminaranmeldung bei COWIMO";
  		$mail->message = "Sehr geehrte/r $firstname $name,
  		hiermit best&auml;tigen wir Ihnen die Buchung des Seminars $seminar.
  		Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie in Kürze per E-Mail.
  		Ihr COWIMO-Team.";
  	header("location: seminare_$id.php?action=buchen&success=success");
 Run code snippetCopy snippet to answer

which is the footer part?

does your mail class supports this PHP version?

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