Php for passing a vote from android voting app to database

Am almost done with an android voting app project but i have a problem in writing a php code to pass vote to mysqli database from the app after a user selects the choice…anybody to help!! thankyou

You are going to have to ask a more specific question and provide more information. How far have you got with this part of the program so far? What exactly are you stuck with?

i have done all the coding even the app is working but where am stuck is passing the user selection in the form of a radio button to the database so that the vote is registered in mysqli database…example is when a user is asked to vote between two aspirants so the user is suppose to use the radio button then submit the vote

without other information i assume you are talking about a local system with some kind of AAMP stack (Android, Apache, MySQL, PHP). if you compiled your stack with the default modules you should be able to easily use PDO and insert the values from $_POST

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